School of Biomedical and Precision Engineering

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The School of Biomedical and Precision Engineering SBPE is a newly established institution promoting innovative technologies in both Precision Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Precision Engineering is one of the critical technologies for successful innovations and provides access to future engineering demands while taking sustainability aspects into account. It combines disciplines like optics, microtechnology, physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, control and automation, modelling and simulations, mechatronics and robotics as well as material science, analytics and coatings.

At the core of the SBPE are the Master of Science in Precision Engineering and the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, academic collaborations between the University of Bern and the Bern University of Applied Sciences. 

Testimonial of the Master of Science in Precision Engineering

Weronika Sadurska, Student MSc PrE

"The participation of industry partners in the Creative Engineering Lab especially, but also throughout the study program is an undeniable benefit for the students."

Weronika Sadurska, 2nd Year Student MSc PrE

Christo Thalakkottoor, Student MSc PrE

"In our world, the production of more sophisticated devices is invaluable - and the MSc Precision Engineering is key to technological advancement."

Christo Thalakkottoor, 2nd Year Student MSc PrE

Marc Stockhammer, Student MSc PrE

"The centralization of lectures and labs facilitate the exchange of ideas with my fellow students, furthering the multidisciplinary collaboration."

Marc Stockhammer, 1st Year Student MSc PrE

Mauro Settimo, Student MSc PrE

"Working on a large multi-year Creative Engineering Lab project allowed me to gain solid preparation and be ready to tackle future projects with confidence."

Mauro Settimo, 2nd Year Student MSc PrE

Tianshu Feng, Student MSc PrE

"The master's program not only fulfilled my specific expectations in the curriculum, it also provides a broad spectrum of general knowledge in engineering that is incredibly advantageous."

Tianshu Feng, 1st Year Student MSc PrE

Nora Benei, Student MSc PrE

"The program introduces lesser-known topics from bachelor studies and opens doors for students who are yet undecided about their future industry choices."

Nora Benei, 2nd Year Student MSc PrE

Dr. Nicholas Randall, Lecturer MSc PrE

"It is a real pleasure to teach the small-scale mechanics and materials testing aspects of the MSc Precision Engineering course. The students have a broad spectrum of experiences which makes the practical session at Alemnis all the more interactive and rewarding."

Dr. Nicholas Randall, Vice President Business Development at Alemnis AG

Prof. Dr Johann Michler, Lecturer MSc PrE

"I am excited to participate in the MSc Precision Engineering. The access to cutting edge technologies in my laboratory at Empa in the frame of the Creative Engineering Lab allows students to gain insights into nanoscale materials and sustainable technologies."

Prof. Dr. Johann Michler, Head of Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and Nanostructures at Empa

Dr. Henri Baumann, Head of Domain METAS

“METAS is where Switzerland is at its most accurate. It is so to speak the guardian of metrology in Switzerland. We are committed to partnering with the Graduate School in Precision Engineering for innovative and exciting PhD theses in Metrology.”

Dr. Henri Baumann, Head of Domain, Federal Institute of Metrology METAS




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