Smart Surgical Instruments and Medical Devices

The Smart Surgical Instruments and Medical Devices group focuses on developing novel and minimal-invasive implantable devices, smart surgical instruments and technologies.

The group has expertise in the development of ultrasonic instruments including e.g. miniaturized ultrasonic scalpels for precision medicine and ultrasonic scalers for professional dental prophylaxis.

Furthermore, the group has developed implantable devices for the treatment of neurological disorders including hydrocephalus shunts, catheters and programmable infusion pumps for the treatment of spasticity and pain.

As key technology to significantly miniaturize implantable devices, the group has developed novel thin film encapsulation systems and technologies based on multilayer technologies using alternative layers of organic and inorganic thin films. The multilayers are biocompatible, conformal and flexible for 3D encapsulation of mechatronic medical devices and implants.