Personalised Medicine Research

The future of medicine lies in individually optimised treatments based on personalised analysis, a concept termed "personalised medicine". The Personalised Medicine Research group develops and investigates novel technologies that aim to deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. With a foundation in medical image analysis and image guided therapy, research efforts focus on the development of automated technologies for patient specific screening, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment outcome prediction.
The research group works in collaboration with clinicians to develop technologies that streamline treatment, aid clinician decision making and ultimately improve outcomes for patients. The group develops clinically applicable solutions that exploit and combine a range of technical concepts including: deep learning based anatomy segmentation, radiomics analysis, biomechanical analysis and personalised biomechanical simulation, anatomy morphological assessment and digital biopsy.
The group believes highly in the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration to the development of clinically transformative technologies and, thus, interfaces experts from a range of clinical and technological fields in its diverse portfolio of research projects.